Hi Aphrodite

by The Mad Pride

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Lee Lucas
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Lee Lucas Rowan's 2nd album continues very much in his own unique class and style that was presented on his début album. Another batch of 11 great songs and another very solid piece of work and damn fine album. More of his electric guitar comes into play on this album, and it benefits very well for it, with the fine bass and drums keeping great pace and tempo here. More classic Prog stuff here, and another superb album for my collection. I highly recommend it for yours. Favorite track: Underground.
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released January 15, 2010

All parts written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rowan Galagher except:
Electric guitar on 'Insane' and 'Stay Here' written and performed by Greg Hughes



all rights reserved


The Mad Pride Wollongong, Australia

Combining 60s psychedelia, folk noir, art rock, gothic post-punk and baroque pop, The Mad Pride has been described as haunting and ominous like Syd Barrett and David Bowie collaborating on a Tim Burton film soundtrack. Comparisons are often made to Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Frank Zappa, Opeth, Nick Cave, Erik Satie and Leonard Cohen. It is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Rowan Galagher. ... more

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Track Name: Song For Eli
Alone again
Darkened eyes that light up broken men

Wait for me
I’d follow you beyond the world we see

Walking with you flying through the air
Words of wisdom the devil may care

Life and love
One without the others not enough

Worse than death
Losing you and fighting for breath

One more moment staring in your eyes
Proof that the soul can never die
Track Name: Greater Falls
One day passes and then
The next begins
The dark passes and then
The light seeps in

Who will wake up if I
This could be the last
Breath of my life

You’ve made your mark
It’s on your skin
You’ve made your mark
On vicodin

You’ve spent your time trying to fly
Greater falls from greater highs
Track Name: Cerberus
Hit me with your best shot
I just know that you will
Got a weapon in your hand
I’ll be your new pupil
Teach me something I don’t know
Teach me where the wild things grow
Teach me something known by those whose pain overflows
I’ll be the martyr you can be the one that kills
It gets much harder when you’re pushing stones up hill

This could be my River Styx
Charon could be your new prefix
Ripping out still beating hearts is
what you do for kicks
I would prefer Cerberus when
Two faces are not enough
We made it out alive but now the living’s up to us
I’ll be the martyr you can be the one that kills
It gets much harder when you’re pushing stones up hill
Track Name: Insane
Few people know what I was after and
I used this mind to make pain and
Faster my heart goes
And it feels so righteous
And it feels alive
This is something that we must fight

Please give me something to help with the pain
If things are like this I don’t think I’ll stay
No one can help me and no one can change
This torture that’s driven me insane
But I’ll stay if there’s someone I can save

I’ve undermined by overdosing
My mechanisms I use for coping
There’s not much left but here’s hoping that
There’s something else that will stop me from choking
On all these words so much live knives
Doesn’t seem to matter that they’re all lies
I’m making beds in which everyone cries
Innocence lost and the lucky ones survive
But to live everyday we must fight
Track Name: Underground
I built a bridge from the place I used to live
To somewhere better than being held captive
By your mind

Here the sun shines the flowers bloom and the birds sing lullabies
Peripheral vision seems to polarize in your eyes

Open to bad luck that happens at the right time
It could be what saves your life
I can see better now I’m blinded by the bright lights
Just don’t ask me why
Waiting til the lost are found
Wait till we have to move it underground

The silhouette image is stuck inside your head
Dwelling on every word that you said
So you hide

I left that town as soon as my feet hit the ground
Saved from demons but not the sound of your cries
Track Name: Time
I’ll be a wrecking ball but I’ll be ok
My body will have to suffice for the lack of a place
To destroy brick by brick, day by day
While you were holding hands I was led astray

Time will change
Nothing ever stays the same
These things pass then they fade away

So labouring has become my occupation
To undo the damage done from feeling forsaken
I need a hammer and I’m looking for someone
Who knows the answer to my only question?
Track Name: The Mad Hatter
It’s what you say to me
Can’t you see
That you can fall too far to live
And you can go too high to breath
And you can know too much to feel
And they say “what’s wrong with that?”
It’s like you’re the mad hatter and I’m just a hat

I like suburban housing
And sticks of dynamite
You needed a king
But you found a parasite

It’s their artillery
That only the sick can see
But you can bleed too much to give
And you can give too much to feed
That passerby who has a greater need
And they say “what’s wrong with that?”
It’s like you’re the mad hatter and I’m just a hat
Track Name: The River
I’ve been walking back to my house along the river
Where some grow tall and some will fall
I’m looking for raven’s wings
If we can lie down and watch the clouds roll by
The buildings fall down but there’s natural light
The little things in life

We should be happy these things can be broken

I’ve been waiting for the right time to go down the river
They say it’s ok for a trip one way
To where angels play
I’m hoping the current takes me somewhere familiar
A place I knew not so long ago
A place called home
Track Name: Stay Here
I wish I could stay here all the time
Everything here’s beautiful
With you

But I have to go back to those people
And all of their worrying
Oh well

I’m running away from the pain
I can’t take these things you say
Track Name: Myths
You don’t rock the boat
That’s keeping you afloat
You’re a part of it so
It’s no wonder you don’t know

There’s a lake you stare in it all day
Just you wait, eventually you will change
Not into a singing head but into a man making a maze
One day it’ll be too late

You envy everything you’ve missed
The conselation prize was a hedonist
One of twelve you’ve turned it on a dime you couldn’t spend
Leaving behind rosemary and thime to end
Track Name: Hades
Life takes its toll
You can whistle a melody and
It says something about your soul
I’ve got a million different voices
Screaming in my head
And I know what the others said

They said I’ve found a light and a ladder
You can pull away again
Light gives us shadows and they give me hope
For a life without these walls around me
And I want it back
That’s all I can say
Come home

You can tuck and roll
Wait for a tragedy that
Rips out your heart and leaves a hole
But I’ve got a million different choices
How to fill this space
Dead people don’t feel this way

I’ve got my sights on the ladder
It’s no wonder why the men
Who are drenched in sadness can solve it with rope
In a life which resembles Hades
But I want it back
That’s all I can say