Scary Poppins

by The Mad Pride

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Lee Lucas
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Lee Lucas The 3rd release by Rowan comes with quite an haunting title to which Rowan's songs have always had to them with his unique style. Scary Poppins is however no more haunting than its predecessors on that score, and once again contains another fine collection of 12 well written and performed songs. More noticeable on this album is Rowan's use of the piano comes more into play with some great tracks written along the lines of keyboard rather than just his guitar. Sits well in my collection. Favorite track: Escaping.
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released November 27, 2010

All parts written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rowan Galagher except:
Bass on 'Out To Sea' written by Andrew Smetanin and Rowan Galagher.
Percussion on 'Lion in a cage' written by Andrew Smetanin and Rowan Galagher.


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The Mad Pride Wollongong, Australia

Combining 60s psychedelia, folk noir, art rock, gothic post-punk and baroque pop, The Mad Pride has been described as haunting and ominous like Syd Barrett and David Bowie collaborating on a Tim Burton film soundtrack. Comparisons are often made to Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Frank Zappa, Opeth, Nick Cave, Erik Satie and Leonard Cohen. It is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Rowan Galagher. ... more

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Track Name: Scapegoat
Out on the lam
No one here would understand
The shades of grey
Some man’s waiving sticks today

No one can breathe
As you incessantly
Drown the truth
No one can hear anything

You cast blind eyes to
Those abandoned by you
And it is tragedy
And who’s the scapegoat now
As you writhe around
Trapped under lock and key

Breaking free from the leash that you wear
Around your neck
The price may be high
But it’s worth running

No one can breathe
As you incessantly
Drown the truth
No one can hear anything
Track Name: Berserkergang
We come with our axes
To where you are
We can’t help retracting
Out offer of
A kinship which neglects
Our basic decency

You can take my hand
And follow me
No one here can resurrect
The faith in me

I want to believe
To fetch too far
This place questions whether
Faith could be an art

It makes a mess of me
Track Name: Out To Sea
First you roll the dice
And then you see
Winning is to lose
The irony

Escaping fates found far below
The depths we were ever meant to go
No one has to know

Gonna find a boat
So that I can go out to sea
Anywhere but here’s my destiny

It takes us
Some time yet
No one knows

Jaded hearts and hypocrites
Almost everything is hit and miss
And it’s come to this

Walking down a dim lit road
No ones got a torch that I can borrow
That’s become the show
Track Name: Malice
I don’t know
Which way is home
I left some bread crumbs
Around somewhere
In my shadow
In my shadow’s home

I don’t know
Which way to go
Up hill’s cold
But down I’m prone to fall
Into callousness
Rain helps malice grow

One day older and one day shy
Of the place we yearn to find
One step further
Hear the murmur grow
Track Name: History Books
There’s history books I never read
They turn the living into dead
Repressed everything they said

But winners wrote those history books
And many truths were over looked
I’ve been a saint and I’ve been a crook

Tanks and guns are industries
Like selling drugs and lopping trees
If you think your job makes God pleased
Then die and find out

This house is built on dead bodies
Like the media and companies
They spin the slaughter with great ease
For those who watch TV

But television makes you feel
Like medication made the wheel
You could believe in what’s real
Track Name: Fade Away
It’s gonna be a beautiful night
If I can get you away
From your telescopic sight
The targets are already dead
And you’ll save yourself a fight
If you can just let them
Fade away

When we’re apprehended
We’ll be holding on
To more than what you’ve got

It’s gonna be a glorious sight
If I can get them away from their
Psychotic fight
The targets are all in our heads
So we’ll set ourselves alight
If we can’t just let them
Fade away
Track Name: The Libertine
Here comes alcohol
No one here’s a liar
They all speak the truth
Old debates and cigarettes
No one gets me down the way you do

And it takes a thousand years
But the fires burn and no one turns around
To see the Libertine

I feel vitriol
No one here is higher
Tales of my wasted youth
Without pain we would forget
Happiness imparting debt
I wont pay it back to you
Track Name: Lion In A Cage
Fine until they came
To make sure that
I wont see the sunshine
Only rain

But there’s a lion in this cage
And you don’t kick a lion in the face

Raining down vengeance upon the wicked

Tip toe through the day
Knowing that you can dish out
More than I can take

And there’s a lion in this cage
And you don’t rub a lion the wrong way
Track Name: Taking Control
We’re taking steps towards
Taking control
None of us have asked for war

And we’re taking steps towards
Taking control
None of us have faught for more
Track Name: Entropy
None of you have got
What it is I really want
Gates that never close
No one sees and no one knows

Where the cliffs meet the sea
Silver oceans shimmering
Eyes can’t conceal the love
No ones watching from above

And it gets higher
Like a shot from a machine gun
And it gets tired like everyone

You can’t lose someone
Nothing can outshine the sun
Holding on to entropy
So you can’t lose anything
Track Name: Escaping
Who knows which way
Which way’s the door
It’s a sore point and it’s making my joints ache
I just wanted some quiet in my head

There’s a reason every day
Why I close the door and stay in this place
It’s quite nice away from home
A long way to go

This will be the last time
In this world
It’s the last thing that’s mine
In this world
In this time

Drink a bottle everyday
It might make you stronger when
Taking it on everyday
It might make you live longer
Track Name: Monsters
Over the mountainside
There’s a place we left
Never to go again
And no one
No one can right the wrongs
We both shared
No one wept for the life we left

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